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Managing the axis foreign governments, their policies, local politics and public perception is the key to your business success abroad. The
obstacles that business face overseas can prevent progress which stifles your potential profits. Operating in major foreign political capitals and
key emerging markets is our speciality.

FJH Global helps business create a strategy  to engage with public policy and influential individuals in foreign countries. Using straight forward
methodologies to navigate bureaucracies  in foreign countries that are often marred with corruption and graft. We use our experience in public
affairs and government relations with such deep knowledge of economic indicators and political risk.

We use reasoning complimented by a greater understanding of foreign laws and customs to get the end result that you desire.  We accomplish
this by being unwaveringly persistent. We will go through key influential people that may not be elected officials but,  yet has a degree of
persuasion  in the area your interest are in. We will communicate with every civil servant, every elected official that will have a say in your

Moving into a developing country poses greater challenges due to poor infrastructure development, an impoverished population and the lack
of a well-trained workforce. Businesses may also face political instability and concerns over violence. Despite drawbacks, developing countries
present an opportunity for small businesses that may not be available in developed countries. Small businesses may find inexpensive labor, an
under-served market and lower business restrictions that could lead to strong business growth opportunities                                                  

Our methods are ethical and legal abroad and here in the United States.  Avoid the temptation of wanting to resolve issues quickly and giving
in to over bearing and greedy officials that require bribes before they will even talk to you.  This is almost  an unavoidable reality when doing
business in emerging markets, almost.

By having
FJH Global perform Government Relations on your behalf. You will have the comfort of knowing that your issue will get resolved in a
manner that is In accordance with the Laws of the U.S. and in a ethical business practices. You can be assured you there will be no threat of
you impugning
The Foreign Corruption Practices Act.
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