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Emergency Contact
Traveling overseas can be an adventure and relaxing get-away.  However all it takes is one mishap to turn your travel into a tense disaster.
This is where having your own personal
FJH Global Personal Contact Liaison at you finger tips to ease any stress you may experience due
to an unexpected emergency.

Our Liaisons are already in country and can be on-call when you need them.  They speak the languages of the country you are in and know
the community because they are from the community. All you have to do is make one call and your
 FJH Global Personal Contact Liaison will
be at your location with-in an hour helping you resolve any issues that may arrive and they will remain with you until your issues has been

You are at the beach and you are swimming in the ocean and somehow the you loose the keys to you rental. You do not know where you left
the keys.  Your passport and your wallet are locked in the car and the local police have limited English proficiency.  You need to get in contact
with the rental agency or roadside assistance to unlock the rental car door to get to your wallet and identification. Your
 FJH Global Personal
Contact Liaison
will be just a phone call away arriving with a index of contacts for the rental car company getting you a replacement key and
local emergency road side assistance to unlock and or tow your rental vehicle to a safe location until you get the replacement key.  In the U.S.,
this would be a minor inconvenience but, in a foreign country where you do not speak the language and have limited knowledge of this
country, you will need someone to guide you through unexpected emergencies

Another scenario is you're walking through a crowded market and local thieves pick-pocket you wallet.  You are now left with limited funds and
must make arrangements to receive replacements credit cards from your bank in the U.S. This could take at minimum 24-72 hours to get
replacement cards over nighted and additional funds Western Union but, you need access to funds now to be able to buy food, water and
basic essentials. Well, your
FJH Global Personal Contact Liaison can be there to assist you in those critical first few hours.  Through our
vast contact and with restaurants, shops and hotels our reps will insure that you have the basic essentials in the first few days until you can
arrange for replacement items. They will make emergency arrangements for you until you have completely set your affairs in order.

 FJH Global Personal Contact Liaison will also be available to you for non-emergencies as well.  You may not need for someone to
actually be present to assist you however, you just may need to be to call someone to who speak that language to translate what a 3rd party is
saying to you.  It may be someone that you are trying to purchase something from or simply get directions because you are loss. Well your
FJH Global Personal Contact Liaison will be available to communicate your desires to others via the phone. There is no need to have a
translation dictionary or speak louder in English hoping other will understand. Simply call your
 FJH Global Personal Contact Liaison and get
the issue resolve in a simple and easy manner no matter the day or time.

We do not wish anyone an ill fated trip, however it is comforting to know that when you are in a foreign country and emergencies happen you
have the option to get immediate assistance to mitigate the language and culture barriers. This is simply a piece-of-mind option for you when
traveling abroad.
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