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Case study:

You have started a skin care company.  Your main products utilizes oil from the Shea and Cocoa Plant. You need to find a source that has the best quality
at the cheapest price and after doing some research you find that the purest and highest quality of Shea and Cocoa oil is in Nigeria.

Here are the draw backs of international trade:

The Cost - A round trip ticket to Nigeria will cost $1,800 to $3,000 for a economy ticket depending on the season. Hotels rates in suitable
accommodations in developing countries can be even more expensive then in the U.S. Ranging from $80.00 to $300.00 a day. The cost of hiring a driver
and guide/interpretur will run you $50.00 to $110.00 a day. $25.00-$40.00a day for meals. This means a three week business trip to procure a reliable
suppler will cost $5,055 to $12,450 per trip.  

-  PRO-Our services are a fraction of this cost it would take you to travel on your  own

Your Safety - Nigeria like so many other developing countries has an unstable political environment. All it can take is a few hours for public unrest or out
right  war to start, civil strife can spread quick and be unsettling leaving you stranded and vulnerable in a foreign hostile environment where you don't
understand the culture or language.

PRO - You stay in the stability of the U.S. and let us take the physical risk of traveling and search in foreign unpredictable destinations

. Time - Do you as a busy business owner have the time to take three weeks out of your schedule and close down your business to hunt for a
    reliable source.

PRO - Let us do all the leg work. Stay at home and run your business. Its your baby and you do not want leave your pride and joy in the hands
of                       somebody else.

The Sheer Hassle - There is the inherent language and culture barrier associated with doing business in another country. As in most developing
countries Scams and dishonest business practices are rampant. Public officials and police request,  no, demand bribes and pay-offs for transacting

PRO - Allow for our culture expertise to navigate the norms and laws of these foreign cultures.  Save yourself the hassle and headache of trying to
         go it on your own.
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