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Know before you Go
Foreign Entrepreneurs get Seed Funding for your businesss idea
We are independent Specialist that act as a liaison between you and the world. Our firm operates  through a network of associates
in many continents.  We provide advice and services to small to mid-size businesses that are looking to procure raw or finished
products from foreign sources in a manner that makes it affordable. When you as a proprietor do not have the necessary funding
nor time to track the globe to find the right supplier. Allow us to do this for you at a fraction of the cost of you doing this
yourself.   Our associates are reliable and expert in their country. We are so confident in their ability that

Though we primarily operate and have more resources in developing countries, we can offer or services for other
countries as well. We specialize in finding resources in developing countries primarily, however we will conduct
business on your behalf in developed countries of Western Europe as well. We are a true pioneer in Micro Direct
Investment, we understand that Micro Direct Investment is a business about people,
FJH Global is the only firm in the
world offering such services  – finding and partnering with the right entrepreneurs is the critical first step in
identifying, investing in and building profitable companies overseas.
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guarantee our services. Our staff are
complimented by a team of local professionals
that are from the region where you want to do
business. What you get is American business
ethics complimented by indigenous expertise.

FJH Global  provides global solutions and
advisory consult with multidisciplinary resolve to
your complex  challenges and obstacles. With
the full power of unique depth of thought
combined with the global expertise of leading
professionals, we are committed to protecting
your investment.

This business was established out of a
necessity  due to a changing global economy
and increased opportunities in international
trade . To help small business owners keep cost
down yet, have access to the world markets.